Cover Reveal! Entwined by Ariana Rose

KB Worlds invites you to the cover and blurb reveal of ENTWINED by Ariana Rose releasing June 17, 2021.

Ariana Rose’s Entwined, is an emotionally complex and sensual contemporary romance sequel to her novel Twisted, written in K. Bromberg’s Driven Worlds project.

Entwining hearts, lives, and souls might be harder than we ever imagined.


I know recovery won’t come swiftly. It never seems to whether it’s physically, mentally or more difficult still, the pain of deception from those you consider family.

Dylan has cemented herself as my compass, lifeline, and guide. We’re managing more obstacles at once than any couple should have to. Professionally, personally, and the hardest one for me, internally. There are hills that may be too tough to climb.

I didn’t need to deal with the lies that seemed to follow me everywhere, ones that could tear apart the relationships that mean the most to me. No promises and no lies should be two easy rules to follow.

For Wes, they’re also the easiest to break.


Elijah was my wing until he wasn’t. I was happy to finally let him fly with someone I felt worthy of that honor. I never thought his little sister would slide in and take his place beside me. The need for speed could have dire consequences when I’m involved.

Hidden truths are a natural part of my profession. However, when they twisted and slammed into the people I called family, I feared it could create a tailspin we might never recover from.

I’m used to being a revolving door of wrongs. I loved the thrill of the hunt, all the possibilities of zero attachment. The moment I saw her, really saw her, was the moment I knew. I loved her. I love Hayley Sawyer.

Some family you are given. Some family you choose. Will this be the end of our family as we’ve known it?

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