Release Blitz! Wrenched by Heather Guimond & Heartful by Jacie Lennon

The latest set of books in the Driven & Everyday Heroes World are live!

Inspired by K. Bromberg’s Driven and Everyday Heroes series, each author wrote their own story to fit in the world. We hope you’ll fall in love with their new stories and characters while revisiting mine.
All the books releasing today are FREE in Kindle Unlimited:
Wrenched by Heather Guimond

Heather Guimond’s Wrenched is the stunning second installment in her trilogy within K. Bromberg’s Driven World. If you thought Ride took you on a journey, Wrenched will twist your heart.

My happy ending is about to be dragged through the mud…


I was right about Finn Hawkins being trouble, but he was the best kind.

Which is why I found myself falling hard and fast for the cocky motocross rider.

A surprise pregnancy was a bump in the track neither of us saw coming, but we couldn’t wait to start a life together.

Until my ex threatened to destroy me if he couldn’t have me.


The little sister of my biggest rival turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me and the one thing I couldn’t live without.

MacKenzie “Kenni” Michaels was the sassy mechanic who rocked my world and stole my heart, and there was no way I was ever taking it back.

I thought her brother would be our most difficult obstacle, I was wrong. Turns out her psycho ex-boyfriend was willing to blackmail Kenni with some exposing videos to keep controlling her.

He better back off and stay in his lane… because I’ll take him down on and off the track to keep her, and our unborn child safe.

Heartful by Jacie Lennon

Jacie Lennon’s Heartful is a steamy, angsty contemporary romance set in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes Worlds project.

Dr. Simon Morrow has two things on his mind—his daughter and his job as a pediatric heart surgeon.

Certainly not love.

When he finds himself cornered into being on a dating show, he collides with his daughter’s former assistant teacher.

Simon has no plans to fall for anyone, and he protects himself with his blunt and broody manner.

He doesn’t need her perpetually sunny outlook on life.

But he finds himself wanting her in spite of it.

Alice Whitman won’t let anything get her down.

Not the ex who cheated, not the move to Sunnyville, and not the fact that she hasn’t landed the job of her dreams.

Is finding a head teacher position or love with a loyal man really that hard?

When she finds herself face-to-face with the one man who rubs her the wrong way on the reality dating show Blindly Ever After, she panics.

But he gives her an offer she can’t refuse, so she packs her bags and moves into his house. Then, against her better judgment, she finds herself letting him into her heart.

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