Yours to Keep by Claudia Burgoa

Baker’s Creek works more of its magic!!
Vance isn’t looking. Especially for a certain sexy neurologist. Why won’t the man leave him alone? He’s everywhere. And he has no filter.

Dare finds the gruff, grumpy Vance irresistible, but he isn’t sure they’re on the same team. At first he is just his fantasy crush until he realizes Van is just as interested, which is brought home to him when Van swoops in to save him from his meddling, matchmaking mama.

And so starts their secret benefits relationship (gotta hide it in Baker’s Creek or Dare will have to join the rest of the crew at the compound) while pretending to be dating for Dare’s family back in San Fran.

While Van & Dare dance around their feelings and are burning up the sheets, we also get to spend time with our favorite brothers & their ladies, but we also meet a new friend. Vance needs to prove he is stable so he can work with The Corporation, you know, the rockstar’s side gig. He’s seeing a therapist who may hold the key to a big mystery in the Aldridge brothers’ world.

We get steamy, spicy times, the fun, sarcastic back and forth of these brothers, and answers!!!

I floved Vance’s story!!

I want more!! I’m so glad Claudia’s worlds intersect!!

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review!

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