Head Over Feels by S.L. Scott

All sorts of happy feels from this friends to lovers romance!!

I loved this friends to lovers story!!

Our hero, Rad (short for Radcliffe) Wellington.
-voted ‘most eligible bachelor’
-divorce attorney

Our heroine, Tealey Bell
-social worker

She comes to him for a favor for a client. Their mutual friend, Marlow, spills the beans that Tealey needs something for herself. A place to live or she’s going to be moving out of NYC and back home to Texas.

Rad most certainly doesn’t want to see this happen and so he offers her a place to stay. Even if this may be torture for him since he’s been crushing on his beautiful friend.

The two of them can’t resist their mutual attraction and start a secret fwb relationship.

Mind you, things don’t go easy or smoothly. Rad finds himself roped into helping their friend Marlow and this leads to some drama.

You get steamy friends to lovers deliciousness.
A group of good friends
-Cade, Jackson, Cammie, and Marlow plus our lovely couple.
Oh, and some Easter eggs!!

This book gave me all sorts of warm happy feels.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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