Sweeper by Amy Daws

Sweeper swept me off my feet!

Being back in the Harris brothers world makes me so happy!! This book gives me all the feels! Zander and Daphney are heart-warming, hot, and humorous.

Zander Williams was a big fish in a small pond in the US. He’s got his call to the big pond and he isn’t quite taking to things in the UK like he thought.
~He’s not really dealt with his father’s death.
~His mother isn’t completely on board with his decision to play for Bethnal Green F.C..
~He isn’t feeling altogether welcome when he arrives in London (both at home and on the pitch).
He is feeling like a fish out of water. BUT he has met a woman he can’t get out of his mind, despite their awkward meeting.

Daphney Clarke is Xander’s new obsession. She’s his neighbor, landlord (or basically her brother Hayden’s representative as on site management.). She is a songwriter but some past issues have shaken her faith in herself. She is Harris adjacent since she is Vi’s sister in law. She has no time for a cocky footballer from the States. Especially one who has such bad game and gave her the nickname Ducky.

These two start out like oil and water but as both adjust to changes in their lives, start to find they can’t seem to stay away from one another.

Daphney helps Zander adjust to life in the UK. And Zander helps Daphney relax the guard she has around herself.

Zander starts at Bethnal with 2 other Americans and they become his closest buddies. They become his confidantes because he has a secret and it is seriously messing with his head and heart.

Daphney has a best friend named Phoebe who is determined to get her out of her comfort zone. And boy, does she go outside of it!

Of course, we get to see our beloved Harrises: Booker, Tanner, Gareth, Camden, Vi, and Vaughn as well as the extended family and friends. Both because of football and Daphney.

Zander is sweet but he is also confident. At the same time he is kind of awkward. It’s pretty charming.

Daphney is independent. Speaks her mind…for the most part. And has a huge heart.

Their journey has plenty of twists and turns with a pothole or two but in the end, you will be smiling. Maybe with a tear or two.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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