Forever with Me (Everhart Brothers #4) by Claudia Burgoa

This is the HEA I was hoping for both Fitz & Lang!!

Ever since the first time I read about Fitzhenry Everhart/Fitz, I couldn’t wait to see his story. I adore him. He sees himself as a good brother, friend, uncle, but not somebody’s forever. He is open to relationships but not long term. He shies away from the serious. He’s too scared of losing them. Not that he admits that. He just tries to keep it casual. And then he meets Byron Langford/Lang…

Pulling his brother Harrison in to check out a potential new client who is giving him bad vibes, Fitz finds himself doing a little undercover work for The Organization with Lang working and living with him as his new junior partner/boyfriend so he can protect him from this shady new client.

Fitz can’t help needling Lang. And Lang is trying so hard to keep himself aloof from Fitz. The chemistry is palpable from the get go.

Lang is fighting his attraction to the oh so charming Fitz. Eventually the walls come tumbling down.

These two are both trying so hard to protect themselves they almost miss out. Lang pushes everyone away but his very small inner circle (the Too Far From Grace fam). And Fitz lets his family in but runs from anything too deep. They are just what the other needs.

We get a dash of intrigue and suspense, some action, some highly entertaining family and friends banter, spicy goodness, and a fantabulous journey to HEA. Plus we get to see the other Everharts, Too Far from Grace, and lots of others we already know and love!!

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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