It Started with a Kiss by S.L. Scott

Spicy, Heartwarming, Frenemies to Secret Lovers to EVERYTHING!

Jackson St James–everyone thinks he’s a playboy but in all honesty he’s been a one woman guy for awhile now. But that one woman is pretty skittish. She’s down for their late night hook ups but will she run if he pushes for more?

Marlow Marche–she presents a front of spoiled pampered princess. Larger than life. Always put together. Ahead of the trends. Never tied down. The life of the party. What no one sees is that her life is coming down around her ears and she has no idea what to do next. She has been working her tatas off to get her boss at the gallery to see what she is capable of. To present a wildly successful front. And is she ever going to get there?

Sadly it is NYE and all of that has started to implode. She’s just been served with an eviction notice to her gorgeous apartment that her father was supposed to be paying for. Of course, she has discovered that he isn’t quite as financially sound as she thought he was. It was all smoke and mirrors. And unfortunately, her paycheck isn’t going to cover her current lifestyle. And she doesn’t have long to find a solution to the mess she finds herself in.

But surprisingly, she finds a safe place to land. No strings. Jackson doesn’t want to send her running. No labels. But boy, do they have chemistry.

It ends up saving them both in the end. Not without some bruises and bumps. After all, they didn’t start off as completely friendly. But they’ve found their groove. Even when they fight, they manage to find their way back to the good stuff.

Shared circle of friends–Cammie, Cade, Tealey, & Rad. But being an SL Scott book, we also have the connection to Natalie (Jackson’s sister) & Nick plus he and his brother, Andrew, do business, and are friends, with Jackson, plus Andrew’s wife Juni as well as her friend Tatum and her man, and another one of the guys, Harrison. And of course, we can’t forget the little cameo we get of Story and Cooper as well!!

I absolutely could not put this down until I finished it!! Which means I may have fallen asleep with my Kindle. This left my heart so happy!!

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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