Just a King by Tabatha Kiss

What happens in Vegas, happens at Botsford Plaza!! Love, Love, Loved!!

I love the Kissiverse. Every book expands the world.

And Kingston & Fiona? OMG!! Mom & Dad Botsford are a combination of all the boys or would that be the boys are a mix of them?

I love coming back to Vegas and the Botsford Hotel. Home. It feels like home. This book even more than the others.

How Kingston found & won his Queen? Fantabulous! The passion, drama, humor, family, friends, and LOVE in this story fills me with happy!!

Fiona is feisty, smart, passionate, independent, and amazing (you knew she would be as we read her sons’ stories). And Kingston? He’s Graham, Ira, Hayden, & Jonah all rolled into one dreamy hunk!!

We get young love and seasoned, mature, still fiery love in one dynamite package!!

I can’t wait to see where Tabatha takes us next!! Back to the past for some exploration of Stella & Matilda? To Chicago for Ian? Into the future with all the baby Botsfords? The various co-workers & friends? Whatever thread she follows, I will definitely be reading.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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