Cruel by Chloe Fischer

Fast, Satisfying Enemies to Lovers Read!!

I don’t know why I love bully romances so much. I suspect it is the whole enemies to lovers trope that I already adore. The part of them that makes the bully redeemable is finding out his soft spot, his Achilles’ heel. His humanness. And they tend to offer us both hero and heroine’s POV, which I love.

In Cruel, both Elyse AND Marcus view each other as the enemy, the bully. Marcus is seen as a bully by everyone, but Elyse is seen as one by Marcus.

A short read but so much packed into it. We see both their past interactions. Their thoughts on them. Their thoughts on their current, present, interactions. I floved it!

Their palpable chemistry. Their internal misery. Their suffering and happiness.

Marcus is the hot guy who lashes out at people to hide his insecurities, weakness. He is trying to hold his mother together and keep his family life away from the public view.

Elyse is the quiet girl. The shy girl. Keeping her problems private. Forced to be different because her mother is delusional and selfish, but others have intervened. And that intervention and her mother’s tendency towards self-centered self delusion has singled her out.

She and Marcus keep crossing paths and they can’t ignore the draw they each feel. Until a surprise forces them all; Elyse, Marcus, their parents; into a new, happier future.

I enjoyed this full, fast read immensely.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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