Just a Taste by Crystal Kaswell

I didn’t think I could love Miles even MORE!!

Mostly from Miles POV, this book was everything I wanted!! Can be read as a standalone. It is the male hero from Crytal’s Sing Your Heart Out, but you don’t need to have read that or any of the other books in the Sinful Serenade series to enjoy this one. But on another note, can we have all the other guys’ POV next?

Miles is the lead singer of hot rock band, Sinful Serenade. He is prickly, cocky, king of a snarky jerk. But…I loved seeing into his tortured mind. He’s deliciously angsty, grouchy, unsure, confused, nerdy, sexy, dominating, protective, comforting, human. He’s confident when he’s performing or seducing some willing woman to escape the emptiness he feels inside. But as more than a groupie magnet? He is lost. He thinks he has nothing to offer. He tends to irritate, amuse, and worry his fellow bandmates. He is trying to keep himself from going off the rails.

And then he meets Meg in the most embarrassing (for her) meet cute (although cute is not really the word for it). He finds her apparent innocence irresistible, even if he doesn’t initially buy it. After all, women throw themselves at him. He doesn’t quite know how to feel or react to one who wants HIM not the rockstar.

Meg has her own misery. She is trying to keep it together and get through school (she’s pre-med) because she has recently lost her sister. Miles sings the songs that speak to her pain.

He does not want to hurt her. He wants to soothe her pain. He wants to fulfill her needs. But he does not want them to catch feelings. And neither does she. He doesn’t realize he’s too late. They both are in far deeper than either of them planned. They fill one another’s empty spaces. He’s her roguish Han and she’s his sexy, feisty Leia. He definitely has his nerf herder moments.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. 


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