Good Girl by Jana Aston

So I’ve read/listened to this book a few times. So I’m sharing both the recent audio review and the book review from 2018.

What happens in Vegas…is certainly not expected

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jana’s books are even dirtier in audio!! Good Girl is one of my favorites…although I love all of Jana’s books. Good Girl and Good Time are set in Vegas so they hold a special place for me. Biased completely toward my adopted city.

Lydia, she is quirky, hilarious, and even better out loud!! And Rhys…so delicious! From a staged virgin auction to their HEA, there isn’t a dull moment!! And it was performed fantastically.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

I wanted to stay home with this book! Funny, sweet, delicious!

I may have been late to work this morning because I was devouring this book. Darn work, making me split my reading time of this awesome deliciousness!!

Once again, Jana knocks it out of the park!! Loved every syllable! Rhys (pronounced like those nummy chocolate covered peanut butter awesomeness ) is hot, clueless, and adorable in his conviction that he’s a dirty old man or something.

Lydia is thrifty, clever, goal oriented, and kind of awkward.

They’re a match made in Vegas. And throw in their meddling friends and you’ve got a Jana Aston book! Definitely a must read.

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