Some Sort of Happy by Melanie Harlow

Perfection is not needed for happiness

I swore I read this book a few years ago, but after listening, I think maybe I read one of the other sister’s books. There are three after all. This is book one of the Happy Crazy Love series.

Skylar feels like a failure after retreating to her hometown (and her parent’s guest house) after a humiliating reality show appearance in her attempt to make it somewhere with her acting hopes.

Sebastian is a man suffering. He has OCD. He is trying to keep it under control. But he is also an intelligent and thoughtful man. And Skylar has been the object of his desire since they were in school.

When they run into each other in her sister’s coffee shop, a new path is made for both of them. There are bumps in the road but in the end, they make each other happy and make adjustments for each others foibles. And because they each have their own insecurities and issues AND suck at communication, they have a few misunderstandings.

I knew I’d love the story. Small town, second chance (for each of their futures), and dealing with mental illness, specifically Sebastian’s OCD. I loved Sebastian. And Skylar isn’t just a pretty girl who didn’t take the world by storm. She is sweet, sometimes self centered, but almost always kind. Definitely as beautiful inside as out. Very enjoyable.

I want to read the book also. Listening was pleasant but I don’t know if I’m completely sold on the narrators. But then my first audio listens were with Sebastian York. He kind of spoils you.

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