Reaching Ryan & Giving Grace by Megyn Ward

I love Megyn’s cliffhanger ways!

Ryan, Henley‘s brother, is broken & angry.

Grace, Cari’s sister, is a single mother with her own issues.

Both of them are drawn to the other. And Grace’s daughter Holly finds Ryan fascinating. They have a rocky start. Look forward to reading the rest of their story in Giving Grace.

If you love someone, set them free…

I have been trying to squeeze this read into my time since it released. I love the Gilroy’s Bar world Megyn has created for us. Seeing Ryan and Grace get their HEA is so satisfying!

Prickly Ryan, suffering from PTSD and an altered perception of the world because of his injuries and their effect on his life, finds himself drawn irresistibly to Grace and her daughter.

Not an easy path to HEA. Deals with both of their issues, because Ryan isn’t the only one broken.

Bumpy road but the destination is worth it, bumps and all. Love seeing all the happy couples we’ve met along the way. The friendships and familial relationships are part of why I love these books. And Molly, Grace’s daughter is adorable!

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