Happy-Go-Lucky by L.H. Cosway

Office Sweetheart Melts the Office Curmudgeon!

Friends to lovers is always a favorite of mine.

This was a ‘re-read’ for me. I loved the performance by Stacey Holmes. Maisie is so much fun to listen to!

Maisie is a researcher at a PI firm. She is unfailing happy and friendly despite being the odd man out at the office.

At the company holiday party, she catches sight of the office grump (and always highly professional) sitting at the bar alone.

Cameron is only there because their boss told him to come. Maisie decides to approach him and thus a new path in life is begun for both of them.

She erodes his walls and doesn’t even realize he does’t fight her approach. He does not suffer fools lightly, so obviously he does not find her an annoying flibbertigibbet.

Not only is this a sweet, steamy romance, but it also has a mystery. A combination I adore!! Maisie is sweet, curious, optimistic, and persistent. Cameron is introverted, sexy, broody, and surprisingly sweet.

I listened to this in almost one sitting (body decided it wanted to sleep). I still feel like it gives the feel of an old Hollywood movie, like Charade or To Catch a Thief.

I just got a review copy of the audio and finished it this morning. Since there isn’t an audio book listing, I’m using the paperback listing so I don’t forget what I’m thinking. 😉 I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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