Some Sort of Love by Melanie Harlow

Older sister gets her fantasy man!

Now this is the sister whose book I’d read before!

Jillian is a successful pediatrician. She is also single and with everyone around her settling down (especially since the sisters are so close), she feels like she’s missing out.

At Sebastian and Skylar‘s wedding, she encounters someone she hasn’t seen in years. And she definitely has not forgotten him.

Jillian and Levi had a steamy one night stand in college. And the chemistry is still there. Their romance is whirlwind but eventually they hit a wall. Jillian is ready for Levi and his son in her life but Levi has to let her into his life fully not just part time.

Enjoyed this second chance romance. Sweet, steamy, a little rocky, but in the end very happy.

Love the Nixon sisters and their parents as well as the love and camaraderie they all share.

Nelson and Lucy’s narration has definitely won me over.

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