Books Read Oct 20 – Oct 26

Most of my reads this week were ARCs. Loved every single one! 5 of these were also released this week.

This forbidden romance….big brother’s best friend, best friend’s sister…either description doesn’t do this justice. Aiden & Olivia are fantabulous!!
I knew Dixie’s story would be fantastic. It fulfilled all my hopes!!
Micah is even more interesting than expected. He may look clean cut, but he has interesting hobbies.
OMG, so steamy!! And the feels!! I loved this single dad romance!! Ford is dreamy! And Eva is kick ass!!
I love Knox and Emery. I don’t know that I loved the male narrator. But I powered through because I loved the story. Lots of humor, steam, and feels in this slow burn friends to lovers.
A little non-ARC listening this weekend too. I love Lili Valente and I have a love of hockey romances. This filled all my wishes. Steamy and funny friends to lovers.
This comes out Tuesday. Make sure you’ve read the other four books first, but this is one of my favorite series. And make sure you have tissues. I FLOVE Lilah & Archer!!

I have one more ARC to read for Tuesday and then I get to dive into next week’s reads. Listening to Sexy Motherpucker while I do my morning computer tasks and house chores.

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