Sexy Motherpucker by Lili Valente

Sexy Single Hockey Player Dad FTW!

I started the Bad Motherpuckers series this weekend. After finishing Hot as Puck, I just had to continue and listen to this one. We met Brendan & Laura already. Already friends, they may have taken things further by having a hot weekend fling. But the course of true love never did run smooth and Brendan sticks his foot in it big time.

Laura is feisty, protective, loving, hilarious, and sexy as all get out. Brendan is a fantastic father, dealing with his daughter all by himself in the years since his wife died. He’s sexy, broody, charming, witty, and has his head up his @$$.

They’ve been civil since that weekend. Laura helps out with and adores his daughter, Chloe. And because of Chloe, Brendan asks Laura if she’d help him out over Thanksgiving by joining them and pretending to be his girlfriend.

And so begin that embarrassing, hot, scary, heartwarming, and hilarious moments that lead us down that bumpy path to their HEA.

I love the fake relationship trope. The frenemies to lovers vibe. His daughter, who is adorable and funny. Their family and friends. There is all sorts of goodness.

The narration was very enjoyable. Definitely enjoyed Summer and Tyler’s performances.

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