Excerpt Reveal! Once Upon a Holiday by Claudia Burgoa

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Once Upon A Holiday by Claudia Burgoa
Cover Designer: Hang Le 
Release Date: November 7th
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About the book:

🌟 Hot Billionaire playboy
🌟 Fun quirky heroine
🌟 Opposites attract
🌟 Overprotective brothers (Spearman clan)
🌟 And a bun in someone’s oven

It’s anything but a silent night this holiday season.


“Juniper Spearman, what the fuck are you doing here?” I hear Jackson’s voice and there’s a loud banging on the door. “June, open up. I know you’re there, open the fucking door.” 

“Who is that?” Sterling asks, gasping for breaths. 

“June, I can’t stop him for too long.” I hear Alex’s voice. “Open up, Junie bee.” 

I grunt. “My brothers,” I say, untangling myself from him. “Are you ready?” 

Ever since we were kids, Jack has always known when I borrow his things without permission. I knew going into his garage might trigger some camera. He has a tight security system. To top it all, I stole his Internet connection. 

But hey, I needed my equipment and a faster Internet connection. Sterling’s slows down when we stream movies. 

What’s the best way to keep myself connected while we are lounging? 

I hooked up my electronics to his Internet. 

It’s Jackson’s fault. The guy always brags about it being so powerful he can connect to it even if he’s hiking a couple of miles away from his property. Well, the geek is right. I’m less than a mile away from his home and I’ve been taking advantage of it. 

He’s in the city, after all. He won’t notice until he comes back and hopefully by then, I’ll be gone. 

“I thought you had bodyguards to take care of unwanted company,” I growl, marching toward the door. 

He snorts. “I’m sure they know and that’s why they’re letting your brothers do whatever they want—to interrupt me.” 

We walk to the main door and what do we find? 

Not one, but three very annoying Spearman brothers glaring at me—and Sterling. 

“Juniper?” Jackson crosses his arms. 

“Jackson?” I cross mine too and give him the glare. He might be taller, older, and meaner but I’m not letting him treat me like I’m five years old. “Do I go to your house and bang on the door at odd hours of the day? Mom will be disappointed with your manners.” 

“This isn’t your house,” he corrects me. “And it’s three o’clock.” 

Sterling surprises me when he says with a firm voice. “It is her house.” 

We all turn to look at him. I’m totally dumbfounded by his answer. 

“I like you, Spearman, but watch your tone.” He looks at my brother darkly. 

“I thought we were friends, man,” Alex says with disappointment. “You’re breaking the bro-code.” 

“Seriously, June,” Jason says with a tone of disappointment and brushes some strands of my hair. “At least fake it.” 

I open my mouth to protest but stop myself. Saying I look like shit because I’ve been puking all day is going to open the can of worms I want to keep closed for a few more weeks—months even. Maybe I’ll have the babies and tell them about it when they turn four or eighteen. 

“Not to interrupt this amusing family reunion, but it’s cold as fuck outside and she’s not wearing a jacket,” Sterling says, pulling me into his arms. “How can I help you, gentlemen?” 

“Let’s go home, June,” Jackson orders. 

Sterling turns to me, his eyes soft. “Do you want to leave?” 

I shake my head. 

“You heard the lady. She’s with me,” Sterling barks back. “She’s also not your property to order around.” 

Butterflies fluttering and all aside, I compose myself. Because no one wants to speak with a puddle of mush, and say, “I came with him and will leave with him.” 

“Mom doesn’t know where you are,” Jackson starts nagging. “She’s freaking out because she went to visit you and your neighbor said you’re out of town. The first thing she did was call me because I’m responsible for you when our parents are out of town.” 

“Jason.” I appeal to the one who isn’t as possessive. 

“You know I love you and I support you,” he says. “But this wasn’t cool. At least text me your whereabouts. What’s going on with you? I heard you’re selling your company.” 

“You took the month off,” Alex adds. “What if I need you?” 

“This is so unlike you,” Jackson says frustrated. “I get it from Jeannette but you …” 

“Me what, Jackson? Just because I decided to change my life that doesn’t mean I’m a failure. You changed yours, just like Jason did. I can’t search for my own happiness?” 

He frowns and closes his mouth tight. 

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