Magnificent D (Audio) by Lili Valente

Loved my second read of this story…

I loved this story (not the male narrator doing female characters) but I enjoyed the story enough to bear with that.

Sebastian/Bash helps ladies get back at/over their exes. He’s a sexy, dirty bundle of hot, helpful man. The day his virtual personal assistant Penny surprises him with an in person meet, he was not expecting her to not only be stunning, but need his services. She needs a date to her mother’s wedding…to HER ex-boyfriend.

There’s chemistry, passion, a frantic hunt for condoms (that part cracked me up because I have so been there!), adorable younger sisters, horrible old fashioned names but cute nicknames, a streaker, a bad tattoo, a drama queen mama, ice cream, and more.

I loved it. I read this book a few years ago and came across the audio in Audible Escape so I figured it would help pass my work day. It was a good choice. Funny, sweet, steamy, and a wonderful HEA.

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