Meant for You (Audio) by Lili Valente

2nd Chance Romance with a Twist…

Nate & Addie share a summer romance when they are both about to embark on adulthood. Well, college. Nate is newly 18 and Addie is 16, an early graduate from school due to being home schooled. They meet and bond over ghost stories. The both love the stories and seeing the places that are supposedly home to these ghosts.

Their summer seems magical and by the end, Nate has decided he wants to follow his dreams not his father’s and plans to change schools and majors.

But it’s just the beginning of the book, so you know love stories never run that smoothly. Daddy dearest doesn’t agree with Nate’s plans and this starts the chain of events that change the course of their future.

Flash forward seven years and we meet them both again. They share fellow friends & acquaintances and it is because of this their paths cross again. Addie taking a break from life at a romantic hotel in the mountains and Nate working for Magnificent Bastard so on a job. And their reunion starts with Nate and his ‘boyfriend’ stopping to help Addie when she’s broken down on the side of the road.

Thus starts their reunion. Misunderstandings abound, rash decisions, passion, a touch of danger, some humorous moments, and of course, more ghost stories.

I love them both. Nate is smart, sexy, sweet, and focused. Adeline wants to spread her wings. She is sassy, smart, and needs to find her way again after an abrupt change in her life. It’s as if they need each other to succeed at their goals.

Enjoyed both narrators’ performances. The story and performances were perfect.

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