The Virgin Gift by Lauren Blakely

Another sizzling, sweet After Dark read!!

Nina is successful, independent, and specializes in capturing intimate moments, despite having never experienced anything herself.

Adam is her neighbor crashing at Nina’s while his place is painted.

They are friends. And Adam’s discovery of her ‘list’, her special to-do list inspired by a new podcast a client told her about, leads to him volunteering to be her partner in working through that list. And becoming so much more than merely friends.

Entertaining, witty, tender, full of heat. Cameos from other characters in the Blakelyverse. Plus a little subplot with Adam’s friend, Brandon.

Love the embracing of female sexuality and sensuality!

I listened to this deliciousness today. I enjoyed the performances by Elena, Teddy, Joe, and Maxine immensely. Made the time fly by.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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