Almost Perfect by Claudia Burgoa

Alex & Hannah are perfectly imperfect.

Alex is everything I wanted him to be!! I think he totally dethroned Jason. Those Spearman brothers are so achingly delicious!

Alex has been put in his sister’s best friend’s path (by June herself). Hannah has a complicated past that has scarred her belief in love and relationships. She and Alex are combustible together. They have a secret fling (that no one actually knows about). Their have a second chance, frenemies vibe.

Alex has been the playboy superstar athlete. That’s what everyone thinks he is. Mind you he has had to change his future because of the accident that ended his athletic career. He was dumped by his then girlfriend. The woman he’d planned to propose to the night of the accident. But she was a spotlight seeking, gold digger.

He is surprisingly not bitter. He has a successful business. He’s raking in the dough. And he has realized he wants Hannah. Who keeps pushing him away.

Hannah, unfortunately, misinterpreted Alex’s reaction to their first encounter and so keeps him at a distance. She has been keeping everyone at a certain distance. She decides to go on an ‘eat, love, pray’ type journey.

While she is away, she and Alex communicate exclusively by snail mail letters. Letters he has to send to her business partner, Ethan, because she has refused to give Alex her phone number or email.

Through those letters, she learns more, but she isn’t completely willing to see the truth in Alex’s words. Alex supports her in her journey. He waits for her. Alex loves her.

On her return, things have changed. Not just her. Her guys (the Sinners of Saint) who she was in a band with. Alex supports her in trying to help them. Things with June. She also has lots of secrets. Secrets she slowly starts to reveal.

Alex has changed. He is trying to make those around him realize he isn’t who they think. Yes, he is flippant sometimes but that doesn’t make him any less than he is.

Full of feels, heat, angst, wit, and a beautiful love story. I love Claudia’s slow burn romance.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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