Pieces of Us (Second Chance Sinners #1) by Claudia Burgoa

Oh what a ride!! A heart breaking ride…

I knew this duet, this book, was going to leave me raw. If there is one thing I know with Claudia, there are always broken hearts, even in the rom coms. And the Sinners? Having read Hannah & Tucker‘s stories, I knew the other members weren’t going to have it any easier. Actually, I knew their stories would definitely bring the feels and the angst.

We get to start at the very beginning. Zeke is all alone in the world and running away from his most recent group home. He’s a teenager in need of some hope. Little does he expect breaking into a flower shop to escape the cold of the streets to be the beginning of a far more hopeful journey. One where he not only finds his talents and strengths, but one where he finds a new family. He is defensive and guards himself but he is also much more willing to put himself out there.

He gets paired with Ethan, who is already best friends with Tucker. Ethan who is very ashamed of his true self because the adults in his world have convinced him that being bisexual (especially the being attracted to other men) is something to hide. Especially since mommy dearest has been far from loving. He keeps trying to gain her approval even though she is awful.

When he and Zeke are paired as roomies, they both find themselves drawn together. Zeke’s heart is so big. He grudgingly finds himself trying to help his broken new roommate. It is that initial help that leads them to a path where they become midnight lovers, because Ethan is so torn up about it he will not allow their friendship to be seen as more than that. Especially not as a relationship in the full light of day.

One thing that comes of their late nights is music. Zeke finds himself offering comfort to Ethan from his night terrors and they bond over music when they are awakened by Ethan’s terrors. Music plays a huge role in their lives now that they are connected to the Deckers through both Tucker and the program they are in.

Zeke begrudgingly becomes friends with Tucker because of Ethan and they also become close with Hannah. Eventually they add Patrick/Rocco to their dynamic and the Sinners of Seattle is born. None of them expect it to take off the way it does.

In addition to the angst and pain they have from their screwed up childhoods and their hormones and all the confusion that brings into their lives, becoming full fledged rock stars brings a whole plethora of temptations and tragedy into their lives.

So many things.

Zeke & Ethan’s road is very bumpy. And we aren’t even done with it yet. This ends on a cliffie. One that may cause you to throw your Kindle.

What does that mean for part one of the duet?
~Flashbacks to the beginning
~Firsts, lots of firsts
~Yes, they are both bisexual
~Lots of feels
~Heat, heat, and more heat
~Just the right touch of humor so the angst doesn’t break you completely
~Overlap with the other characters stories: Hannah, Alex, Tucker, the Deckers…you get the picture
~You don’t have to have read anyone else’s book, but you may want to after meeting them in this
~Be prepared for your heart to break
~Yes, there are drugs but it is more the impact of said drug use
~Oh and alcohol abuse
~Addiction is definitely a character you cannot not escape
~A major cliffhanger

I can’t wait for the second half of this one. I must know the rest of their story because right now? The waiting is killing me.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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