Us Before You by Claudia Burgoa

A definite slow burn but so worth it. Have some tissues handy!!

Tucker’s non-traditional family and upbringing has made him the perfect person to end up co-parenting an adorable baby who has just lost her parents with said baby’s biological aunt, Sage. Who he finds absolutely fascinating in a way no other woman has ever interested him.

Sage hasn’t been sure what to make of Tucker since she met him at her sister’s wedding to his brother. He’s far too handsome. She is justifiably skittish of the seemingly smooth, handsome rich man.

She is envious of the love and inclusivity the Deckers and their circle seem to offer. This is amazing to someone who was brought up by cold, emotionless automatons who care more about money, image, and themselves than their children…who all have left New York and their influence. The parents who keep trying to get her back with the man who abused her.

So when she finds herself living with, and co-guardians with, Tucker after her sister and husband’s unexpected deaths, she is in a whole new world. A world where people care. She finds herself being fully immersed in this world. Not just watching from the outside.

This book has a lot of emotion. The Sinners have to deal with some thorny issues…primarily Rocco and Zeke’s drug use and Tucker’s tendency to avoid dealing with emotional things even if he is a fixer.

Sadly, Rocco sees things differently than everyone else. Although the other Sinners have been healing together and want him there too.

Tucker is also finally dealing with his emotional fallout from his mother’s original decision to give him up for adoption. It is an ongoing process. But he is amazing with Mae, the baby.

And this tragedy brings a lot of unity and joy into Tucker and Sage’s lives.

Tucker and Sage’s issues have also made them determined to give that little girl all the love and security they felt was missing from their own childhoods. Which is exactly what their parents wanted. As well as playing a little bit of a matchmaker.

This story deals with issues of rape, abuse, and drugs.

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.


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