Liar, Liar, Hearts on Fire (Bro Code #3) by Pippa Grant

Ducks, Bros, Baseball, Competition, Former Boy Band Hottie w OCD meets His Match!

Tripp and his ‘brothers’ want to buy the Copper Valley Fireballs. That’s how he finds himself at a nightclub in New York in his brother’s too tight clothes stalking the current owner of the team. It is also where he meets Lila Valentine, and finds himself making out in a bathroom with her (with her thinking he’s Levi (his brother)). Unfortunately, things did not go as smoothly as one might think they would with that much heat and alcohol consumed.

Little did either of them expect to have to work together after her uncle’s unexpected death. And so begins the bladder busting shenanigans of this novel. So many moments of uncontrollable laughter while reading this novel. Tripp and Lila’s story is full of funny, but it is also full of heart because it is a Pippa story after all. And that is what she always gives us. Side busting laughter and heart warming stories. Like the Grinch, your heart will grow three sizes by the time you finish.

I love that we get a bit of mystery. A fascinating mystery. Someone is always a touch neurotic. The animals are hilarious. The children have attitude and are still adorable. And Beck is still sexy despite being so odd. I can’t wait for the next story!!


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