Never Kiss a Stranger by Logan Chance

Ellis & Kiki are the perfect antidote!

I was chomping at the bit for this book and it was everything I hoped it would be and more!!

Ellis is the swooniest BBF ever!! He is charming, gorgeous, thoughtful, holds a girl’s hair when she’s sick, talented, can’t dance or sing but he doesn’t care he does it anyway, loves dogs, helps his family even if his father infuriates him, and agrees to be best man for a friend he hasn’t seem in years…

Even though the bride is the woman he just kissed. Yeah…small problem.


Kiki, the bride, is having cold feet. And when you read this, you would be too.

She also runs a dog spa with her best friend, Poppi and they just started offering doggie weddings. I love Kiki and her friends. The workouts Lola takes them to are hilarious!!!

And oh my goodness, I did not see that twist coming. Kiki’s fiance seems like an oblivious jerk but you definitely won’t see this coming. Lol. Good one, Logan.

I loved Ellis’s brother, Urban. We need more Urban.

Just the right mix of laughs, heart, and heat. Plenty of steam. Sizzling.


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