Sandy (Vested Interest #7) by Melanie Moreland

The second act springs forth from friendship to flame!

Melanie is just determined to make us go thru the tissues when we read her books, and Sandy is definitely no different. It is full of heart and family and love and humor.

Ever since Max passed, I’ve been waiting for Sandy’s second chance at romance because there was no way she was being left on the shelf to collect dust.

This was everything I’d hoped for!!

She and Jordan, once fellow widowers sharing their grief, become everything the other needs. They loved their spouses but they’re still young and both of them are lonely.

I love how the ‘boys’ react initially to their Sandy rejoining the world of dating. That the women are the ones who get things moving. And that Jordan is already part of the family.

Heartwarming and passionate and absolutely, fantabulous!! Stars to infinity!

It was fantastic reading a book with an actual mature couple in it too!! And, omgoodness, they are just as passionate as everyone else!!

Loved, loved, loved!! Frisky, fiesty, fun, and fabulous!!


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