Wrong Text, Right Love by Claudia Burgoa

Slow burn with lots of humor & heart!

I’ve been trying to get back to this read since I started it last week because I was enjoying it so much.

Just the right amount of feels and fun for me in this one. Both our hero and our heroine have similar trust issues, but one has become the reclusive grump and the other keeps trying to open herself up despite the risks.

I so relate to our heroine, Persy. Her dating perils are at once sad and hilarious. On one hand, she is open. Honest. Communicates. Adventurous. Passionate. Those who love her want her to find someone who appreciates her for who she is and doesn’t want to change her. Or take advantage. She intimidates many, or they simply think she’ll be kinky fun. And she wants more than to just be the fun.

And then we have the grumpy, reclusive hero who swears he doesn’t need love. It doesn’t exist for him. Little does he expect to find himself drawn into this noisy, colorful woman’s world and he doesn’t go running for the hills. He keeps getting closer and closer. And really, they share a lot of the same views. Except for love. Until he realizes, finally, that maybe there is one for him after all.

Of course, it isn’t straight forward. We have some wrong number texts that create some confusion for our potential lovebirds. As well as crazy families, which Claudia does so well!! A curious kitty with a lot of attitude. And a blossoming, slow burn romance that absolutely enchanted me.

I loved this book!!

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.



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