Underboss (With Me In Seattle Mafia #1) by Kristen Proby

It all started with a kiss…

Carmine was Nadia’s first kiss at the tender age of 13. They were from opposing families. But weddings and funerals, those are truce days. The Martinellis and Tarenkovs are not friends. Even if there may be more between their families than animosity.

Carmine is determined to use Nadia to get revenge for the death of his cousin’s family. He thinks Nadia’s family is guilty of it.

And so begins his romance of the spoiled Bratva princess. Little does he know, she is playing him too. The charade is revealed when someone attempts to poison his father at the wedding of her cousin, Annika. Their fathers’ pair them up to investigate it.

All the steamy heat you expect from a Kristen Proby book PLUS suspense and intrigue!! We also meet his brothers; Rocco/Rafe & Shane; and Nadia’s cousins; Annika & Ivie. We’re in the world of the With Me series. There are some Easter eggs for those familiar with Kristen’s series.

I adore some intrigue and suspense with my romance so I adored this book!! Nadia is far from the spoiled Bratva princess Carmine thought he was using. He should have known not to underestimate the woman who kissed him when they first met as kids. Carmine is dominant and protective but he also respects Nadia as he gets to know her. And she isn’t some fragile damsel in distress that needs his saving.

I love the relationship between the brothers and their family. Plus we have the strong women on Nadia’s side of things. These are not weak women. And I can’t wait to see more of them. And the men.

What do we get?
~Strong, sassy, stubborn, smart heroine.
~Sexy, alpha, protective hero.
~Family; of all sorts!
~and so much more!!

This is the start of its own series, so you can start here without having read Kristen’s With Me series but it might get you curious to start it too!!

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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