Somehow Finding Us (Second Chance Sinners #2) by Claudia Burgoa

So much resolution in one fantastic conclusion!!

We left #Zethan in complete heartbreak at the end of the first half of this duet. It was hard to see how the HEA these two deserve was going to happen.

Of course, Claudia wasn’t going to leave us hanging like that!

We rejoin these angst ridden lovers at what is possibly the lowest moment ever for Ethan. Luckily, fate has other things in mind for these two.

Zeke wants nothing to do with Ethan at this point. He can’t trust that anything Ethan says right now is honest and true because Ethan has been hiding and lying for years. He knows that not only does he need to start over and straighten himself out, but Ethan needs to do some major work on himself.

That is the journey we find ourselves on in the second half of this duet. Not only Zeke’s journey to sobriety, but Ethan’s journey to honesty. It is a long, winding road, but they both dedicate themselves to it.

This bookiverse is vast and complex so we get LOTS of Easter eggs. Tucker, Hannah, Rocco, Alex, Sage, Beacon, and many more!!

This book is slow burn. I suppose considering that these two are each focused on healing the damages to themselves and/or those around them, that is to be expected. We get to see both of them rediscover their friendship, both with each other and their bandmates. They deal with their traumas, Ethan taking perhaps the longest to realize he has a few things he needs to let go so he can move on…preferably with Zeke.

So many feelings. This book is a rollercoaster of emotions but in the end, so satisfying! Even when you’re crying, you will soon find yourself smiling. This duet finds all the silver linings in dark and cloudy skies!

I received a review copy. I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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